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Although Anilao is renowned for world class diving, the area offers plenty of alternate attractions. 

Mount Guligod Baboy

Our resort is directly opposite the trail to climb Mount Guligod Baboy. An entrance fee of 50 PHP is payable. Guides are also available for 500 PHP.

Taal Town
The historic town of Taal is about a one hour drive from our resort. The town has many historic buildings dating back several centuries and sits beside Taal Lake. Local tours of both the lake and town are available.

Taal Lake

A renowned beauty spot, Taal lake fills an old volcanic crater. Boat tours and fishing trips are available.

Island Hopping
We can provide boat trips to local scenic destinations for parties of up to 12 people. Some popular destinations are:

Sombrero Island: P2500
Seapoc Island: P2700
Oscar Beach: P2700
Camico Beach: P2900

Most destinations will charge an entrance fee of between P100-200 per person.

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